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Q.A.&.P Solutions is a company, that is specialized in designing and providing technical solutions and validation protocols for your critical equipment parameters, used in a wide range of industries, such as

Pharmaceutical, Blood Banks, Laboratories, Biotech and Hospitals.

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Q.A.&.P Solutions is a ISO 9001 and ISO 19011 certified company.

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As a professional in your field, you need to have control over your processes and studies.

It is always hard, to find the correct setup in regards to monitoring.

You know what parameters are critical, thus important for you. But...........

Where do I need to install sensors ? What sensors do I need ?

What is the best setup ?

How do I validate the data that I collect ?

Q.A.&.P. can certainly provide a solution for you.

You have monitoring equipment that is validated.

Usually these validation protocols are designed by

the manufacturer.

Are you in doubt, if these validation protocols serve you, or, just the manufacturer ?

21CFR11 compliant ? FDA compliant ?

But............. is your equipment really compliant ?

Are your sensors really that accurate as you have been told.

Does the system perform to your specifications ?

Q.A.&.P. develops validation protocols for your Q.A. department or Auditing purposes, filing the gap between the electronics, and your expertise.

Q.A.&.P Solutions can help you with your monitoring equipment and validation protocols, or provide you with the correct solution. Auditors giving you a hard time ?

We will work out the correct steps with you, so you will not face any further surprises.

You want to know the correct way to monitor your equipment. We most certainly have the answer for you.

And......... We serve worldwide.

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